Fallout 4 GOTY Edition: More Signs Point To Switch Release!

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The Nintendo Switch is a very special gaming system as it is tailored to offer a completely different gaming experience. Unlike how it is with the Xbox One and the PS4, the Switch focuses more on interactivity gameplay rather than hardware prowess.

While this may serve the games from Nintendo well, it places the question mark on cross-platform games. Nintendo has given assurance that the Switch is capable of running AAA cross-platform titles but this is not enough to convince a large number of gamers.

The skeptics are hoping to see a massive game to get released on the Switch so that they can judge the console if it’s good or not. Well, this hope is now looking to come true as Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition has been closely linked to debut on the Switch.

The rumors have been claiming it for months now and Pete Hines has further teased on its possibility. Today, it gets more convincing as we have spotted a Spanish retailer starting to take pre-orders for the game. A screenshot of it can be seen below and it simply suggests that the Fallout 4 is truly coming to the Switch.

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