Fallout 4 Losing Hope For PS4 Pro

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The all-new Sony PS4 Pro is a beast of a gaming console. The PS4 Pro is equipped with the best hardwares available today and it is also compatible with VR technologies.

Everything about the PS4 Pro is great aside for the games that are made for it. In case you are unaware, there are a number of titles that are unable to fully utilize the power of the PS4 Pro and they end up performing miserably on the new console from Sony.

One of them is Fallout 4, which is just not compatible with the PS4 Pro. Bethesda is a strong supporter of the console and they have promised to release an update that can allow Fallout 4 to run flawlessly on the new console but that has yet to happen.

The update titled 1.8 did come out but it never solved the issues on Fallout 4. To make things worse, Bethesda didn’t provide any explanation and this is making it more frustrating for the Fallout 4 players on the PS4 Pro.

The fault is purely with Bethesda as the game developer made promises that did not get delivered in a timely manner. If Bethesda never announced on compatibility updates coming out last week, the gamers can hold off from playing Fallout 4 temporarily.

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  1. powerdave

    December 21, 2016 at 9:29 am

    And that’s why I don’t go out and buy the newest and greatest console at first. Let it come out, let them figure out the issues, then get the console one or two years after release. Just me I suppose.