Fallout 4 Mod Potential Cut Short On PS4, Xbox One

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The recent Fallout 4 update that was rolled out by Bethesda was aimed at improving the overall gameplay experience but it also comes with some bad news for the players.

Despite the update fixing a number of bugs and offer a better interface to browse mods, it also places a cap on the number of mods that can be activated at any time.

We never realized this until we picked up our Xbox One controllers as the information was not provided on the update’s changelog. After digging more into the matter, we can confirm that the update limits the Xbox One’s version of Fallout 4 to 150 mods. As for the PS4, the console cannot handle more than 100 mods at any time.

Our queries to Bethesda were then acknowledged and their reply was that the feature is temporary. They are monitoring on the mod system for the gaming consoles and they will change the numbers from time to time.