Fallout 4 Mods On PS4 Should Be Given A Chance

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If there is one thing Bethesda shouldn’t do, it is removing the mod functions in PS4’s version of Fallout 4. The modding facility in the game may have been abused by cheaters but not all of the cheating mods are that bad. As a matter of fact, they made Fallout 4 more fun to play.

To further prove our point, we have named 3 of the best mods that made Fallout 4 more interesting than it was on launch day. They are as follow:

1. OCDecorator
This particular mod was created by Ethreon and its function is to protect all your positioned items from environmental changes. Sometimes, realism needs a break so that players can live in their fantasy.

2. Cheat Container
As the name says, this a cheating mod that stores the cheats in a single menu. Abusing this mod is bad but when used to develop settlement, it makes Fallout 4 more fun to play.

3. Portable Nuka Jetpack
All of the mods listed here are aimed at making Fallout 4 fun and the list is not complete without Nuka Jetpack. Flying around the Wasteland adds a different dimension to the game.