Fallout 4: Poor Gameplay Ratings Pushes Bethesda Out Of Favor

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The sales success of Fallout 4 has made it certain that there is going to be a sequel in the future to come but this does not mean that Fallout 4 is the best Fallout game around.

Despite being the latest title in the post-apocalyptic series, Fallout 4 has failed to show improvements on the gameplay front and this is proven further in an online poll conducted on the fans.

The poll asked the fans on which Fallout game offers the best experience around and the vast majority of them chose Fallout New Vegas. New Vegas is simply the best because it offers a nice balance in wackiness and realism.

The irony here is that Fallout New Vegas is not developed by Bethesda and it is able to become the best rated Fallout game to date. If this is to mean anything, Bethesda must stay away from Fallout 5’s development and hand the project to another developer. What do you think?