Fallout 4: Where It Should Not Influence Fallout 5…

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The latest and bestselling Fallout game yet is Fallout 4 but this isn’t due to the game’s exceptional gameplay quality. It is instead because of the fans that simply can’t get enough of the adventures in the Wasteland hence they willingly bought Fallout 4 regardless of the experience which the game offers.

Several online polls questioning Fallout fans on the best Fallout games yet and amazingly, the vast majority voted for Fallout New Vegas. Fallout 4 came in third behind Fallout 3.

The polls prove that newer isn’t necessarily better but what has Bethesda done wrong with Fallout 4? The answer to this is nothing. Bethesda did nothing wrong for Fallout 4 and this is a mistake because it makes the game feels lacking on the content front. Also, there is too much focus on technicalities that Bethesda forgot about the balance in wackiness and realism.

Together with the fact that New Vegas was produced by a different developer, it is perhaps best for the future sequel, Fallout 5, to get developed by a different company. Only then then will Fallout 5 be able to take the series experience forward, wouldn’t you agree?