Fallout 5: 3 Fallout 4 Faults That Must Not Be Repeated!

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Fallout 4 is only a year old but that is not going to stop us from creating our wishlist for Fallout 5. Sure, Fallout 5 may be years away from making its debut but we are already desperate to see Bethesda addressing several features on Fallout 4 that will return in the future sequel.

We have identified three things on Fallout 4 that needs some working on for Fallout 5 and they are as follow:

1. Plot
The main plot in Fallout 4 is nice but completing the main objectives made Fallout 4 felt short. Bethesda tried covering it up with side-quests that are related to the main plot but their end result is horrible. The side-quests do not have any impact in the game and this needs addressing in Fallout 5.

2. Settlement-Capture.
This particular feature was introduced in Fallout 4 and it is what made the game feel special. However, it has been overused throughout the game and this gives of a repetitive feel. This needs strong addressing in Fallout 5.

3. Enemies
The enemies roaming around the Wasteland are mostly ghouls. We want to see more varieties in this area, especially in Fallout 5.

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  1. Ron E

    January 1, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    I agree with the plot criticism. Seemed like a work in progress if you bought the game at its release. And its pretty implausible really. Maybe that’s why the settlement thing seems so dominant because that at least makes sense. Settlements are one of the best features of this game and also an OPTION. You can play as a Raider from the very beginning (since Nuka World was released.) I think so many RPG’s are about finding the magic sword and killing the monster … it’s a plot that seems over done if you ask me. If you’re saying we need one more of those then count me out. This worked since there really wasn’t a Super Boss monster to slay at the end … you just had to kill off whole organizations and bring the organizations main quest to a close. That was refreshing actually. Their polot was somewhat implausible in that I rather doubt you could be a meber of all those rival organizations for as long as you can go in the game before you have to finally make up your mind. But whatever.

    That last comment about ghouls is disagree with. What that means is your reviewers haven’t played the game past a certain level and of course at lower levels you’ll be fighting a lot of swarming ghouls. The monsters are pretty much distributed depending on locality but like a lot of games they are or may be initially replaced in the beginning by lower level monsters.

    Anyway my two cents what I would like them to do away with are these pesky quests that end in some NPC hounding you forever in the game like that Pembroke lady who keeps asking me where her husband is. Just because I refused his quest and didn’t want to get involved …

    Anyway one thing to remember … this is an RPG not a pure shooter. I think they’ve done a real good job of combining the two nut if I had to make a choice I’d favor an RPG over a shooter. I mean really the first video games ever released were shooters. Matter of fact if you really want a shooter just open your IPI Boy and you can play one of those games anytime you want. 🙂