Fallout 5: 3 Fallout 4 Problems That Must Not Repeat!

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It has been like a year since Fallout 4 got released and we are still many years away from the release of Fallout 5 but that is not stopping us from hoping for Bethesda to address some setbacks on the current title in the next sequel.

Yes, you read that right. Some of the things in Fallout 4 need addressing in order for Fallout 5 to be mesmerizing. We have identified three of the most disappointing things in Fallout 4 and they are as follow:

1. Plot
The main plot in Fallout 4 is nice but completing the main objectives made Fallout 4 felt short. Bethesda tried covering it up with side-quests that are related to the main plot but their end result is horrible. The side-quests do not have any impact in the game and this needs addressing in Fallout 5.

2. Settlement-Capture.
This particular feature was introduced in Fallout 4 and it is what made the game feel special. However, it has been overused throughout the game and this gives of a repetitive feel. This needs strong addressing in Fallout 5.

3. Enemies
The enemies roaming around the Wasteland are mostly ghouls. We want to see more varieties in this area, especially in Fallout 5.