Fallout 5: Average Outcome Will Only Lead To Demise!

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Being a Fallout fan, I have to admit that I am a tad disappointed with Fallout 4. The latest title in the Fallout franchise may be far bigger than any other Fallout game thus far but it is still unable to move forward in terms of gameplay experience.

There’s isn’t much wrong with what Bethesda did for Fallout 4 and I see this as an issue that has prevented the game from offering the best experience around. This crown still belongs to Fallout New Vegas and it is down to the fact that New Vegas is dense with content while also offering a nice balance in realism and wackiness.

The same can’t be said with Fallout 4 and it is why I think that Bethesda has made a mistake when choosing to play it safe with the latest title in the series.

So up next is Fallout 5 and I certainly hope for some big margin improvements made to the automated content generation. Among the things I would love to see Bethesda try is to give NPCs something ‘real’ to do like how it is in Assassin’s Creed Origins.

All I can say is that Bethesda can’t do with another ‘average’ Fallout title. They need to make it big because fans like me are like a ticking time bomb that will explode if average is to happen.