Fallout 5: Fallout 4 Problems Need Desperate Addressing

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It may be too early to speculate on the things that are coming to Fallout 5, especially since Fallout 4 is only a year old, but there are some things on Fallout 4 which Fallout 5 must improve on.

As good as Fallout 4 is, Bethesda has made several mistakes with the game that must not be repeated on Fallout 5. The first is with the quests in Fallout 4.

The main plot in Fallout 4 is great but the plot is really short if you are to realize that small-scale quests have not much influence in the game. The plot in Fallout 5 must get improved on to offer a more mesmerizing experience in the Wasteland.

Secondly, Bethesda seems to have overused the “settlement-capture” system in Fallout 4. This made the game feel repetitive and we get bored by it far too easily.

Last but not least, the world of Fallout needs more enemies. Fallout 4 is very limited to fighting ghouls and it makes the Wasteland feel dull. Come on Bethesda, we need more varieties of enemies that spawn at random.

If the above do get addressed in Fallout 5, the overall gameplay experience will definitely be a lot better than how it is in Fallout 4. Do you agree with us?