Fallout 5 Hands Bethesda An Ultimatum

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There isn’t a lot wrong with what Bethesda has done with the Fallout series and this can be seen as a problem in its own rights. Due to the cautious approach with Fallout’s development, the series feels stale with no sign of progression in terms of gameplay experience.

The evidence is clear on various online polls which saw the vast majority of Fallout fans voting for Fallout New Vegas as the best modern Fallout video game around. You should also note that New Vegas is the only game in the modern series which isn’t developed by Bethesda.

One may argue that the latest sequel, Fallout 4, has captured the best sales in the series history. There is no wrong with this but sales do not represent a positive gameplay experience. The success of Fallout 4 is likely owed to the fact that fans of the series just want to experience the title.

With that being said, Bethesda may have stumbled upon an ultimatum with the future sequel – Fallout 5. Fallout 5 will need to show significant gameplay progress because anything short of awesome will definitely lead to a bombardment from the fans.