Fallout 5: Let’s Move Bethesda To Supervising Role!

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Fallout 4 is the bestselling Fallout game for a reason and it is not because of the gameplay experience which it has to offer. I believe that the success of Fallout 4 is owed to the fans that simply can’t get enough of the series.

When it comes to gameplay experience, Fallout 4 is behind older Fallout games – especially Fallout New Vegas. Various online polls have been conducted and they all saw the vast majority of the fans siding with Fallout New Vegas for having the best gameplay experience.

The latest survey was conducted on Strawpoll and the result is no different from the other surveys. The irony here is that Fallout New Vegas is the only ‘modern’ Fallout game that is not developed by Bethesda. Obsidian Games was tasked with New Vegas’ production while Bethesda adopted the supervising role.

With Fallout 5 being next in line for productions, it is perhaps best for a third-party company to be at the helm of developments. Meanwhile, Bethesda can stick to the supervising role. We don’t know about you but this could just be the solution that can push the Fallout gameplay experience forward.