Fallout 5: Move Aside Bethesda, Obsidian Can Restore Series To Glory

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Fallout 4 may be the latest game in the Fallout Series but this does not mean that it is the best one around. An online survey has confirmed that Fallout New Vegas offers the best Fallout experience yet and this is followed by Fallout 3.

Some fans went as far as quoting that Bethesda botched it when they made Fallout 4 without much life-like content. An example would be with the skeletons that are sitting in all areas, even in the populated areas. The building tool too offered little excitement as the outcome is mostly rusted.

As such, it is perhaps best for the Fallout series if Obsidian is to take charge of Fallout 5’s development. The sequel to Fallout 4 is tipped to get developed once Bethesda is done launching Fallout 4 VR and it needs a new developer to bring the series back to glory.

Well, seeing that New Vegas has received the most thumbs up from the fans, it is only right for the game developer to be at the helm of Fallout 5’s development. What do you think?