Fallout 5 Must Follow New Vegas, Not Fallout 4

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Fallout 4 is now officially the bestselling title in the Fallout series but this has little to do with the gameplay experience which it has to offer. Instead, it is because of the strong Fallout fanbase that simply can’t get enough of the adventures in the Wasteland.

In terms of gameplay experience, the majority of the fans have made it known that Fallout 4 is not the best in the series. The title of best Fallout gameplay belongs to Fallout New Vegas.

New Vegas is widely praised for offering rich content while having great balance in wackiness and realism. It is also worth noting that Fallout New Vegas is the only ‘modern’ Fallout game that is not developed by Bethesda.

If this is to mean anything, the next Fallout game should perhaps take inspiration from Fallout New Vegas instead of Fallout 4. The other way for Fallout 5 to push the series forward is if Bethesda steps down from development and passes the project to a different developer.

What do you think? Is Bethesda holding the series back on the gameplay experience?