Fallout 5 Must Step Up Or Lose It All!

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The sales success of Fallout 4 is owed to one thing and it is the fans. The vast Fallout fans simply can’t get enough of the Wasteland hence they made no delays to playing Fallout 4. The success is never because Fallout 4 has the best Fallout experience to offer because this is simply not true.

Various online polls and reviews have been conducted and they all saw the vast majority of the fans siding with Fallout New Vegas as the best Fallout game to date. The irony here is that Fallout New Vegas is the only ‘modern’ Fallout game that isn’t developed by Bethesda.

With Fallout 5’s development already being planned out by Bethesda, the pressure is on the developer to make it big or risk getting criticized by the fans. Fallout 4 did little wrong and that itself is an issue because it put the series in a stale state.

One fan pointed out that Bethesda has played it safe with the contents introduced in Fallout 4 and he is disappointed by it.

As such, Fallout 5 needs to do more while maintaining the balance of realism and wackiness if it wants to take the series forward like how New Vegas did. Anything short of awesome will lead to a mob of angry fans.