Fallout 5 Needs To Fix Fallout 4 Failures

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We know that it is very early to start speculating about Fallout 5 but after completing Fallout 4, we can’t help but hope for some issues in the game to get addressed in the future sequel. Failing to do so will only prevent Fallout 5 from offering a more engaging gaming experience and this is what we don’t want to happen. There are 3 major weak points on Fallout 4 and we have listed them in order below:

1. Plot

The main plot in Fallout 4 is nice but completing the main objectives made Fallout 4 felt short. Bethesda tried covering it up with side-quests that are related to the main plot but their end result is horrible. The side-quests do not have any impact in the game and this needs addressing in Fallout 5.

2. Settlement-Capture.

This particular feature was introduced in Fallout 4 and it is what made the game feel special. However, it has been overused throughout the game and this gives of a repetitive feel. This needs strong addressing in Fallout 5.

3. Enemies

The enemies roaming around the Wasteland are mostly ghouls. We want to see more varieties in this area, especially in Fallout 5.