Fallout 5: Obsidian Hopes Dismissed, Bethesda Resumes Duty

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Various online polls questioning on the best Fallout title to date has been conducted and the fans have voted for Fallout New Vegas. The game from the past bagged the majority of the votes and it is something we never expect since there is Fallout 4.

The latter is the latest and most popular Fallout game to date but this is not enough to make it the best one in the series. It is even more shocking to see the fans siding with Fallout New Vegas since the old game is developed by Obsidian and not Bethesda.

The fact that New Vegas offers the best gameplay experience got a growing number of fans hoping for Obsidian to take charge of Fallout 5’s development. The future sequel is bound to happen and with Obsidian in charge, the game can end up being the best Fallout game to date.

As exciting as this sound, Obsidian is unlikely to be at the helm of Fallout 5’s developments as they are occupied with other massive projects. Bethesda is also unlikely to pass Fallout 5’s project. The only way for another developer to be part of Fallout is through a spin-off title.