Fallout 5: The Must-Fix Mistakes On Fallout 4

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Fallout 4 is a special title in the entire Fallout series and this is because the game is made for the latest gaming hardwares around. With such a setup, players can enjoy a more engaging experience in Fallout 4.

But when it comes to gameplay features, Fallout 4 is far from being the best in the entire franchise and there are things that must be addressed for future sequels. In a popular discussion on the must have in Fallout 5, the fans agreed on a couple of major pointers.

The first is with the quests in Fallout 4. The main plot is great but it is also really short if you are to realize that small-scale quests have not much influence in the game. The plot in Fallout 5 must get improved on to offer a more mesmerizing experience in the Wasteland.

Next, Bethesda seems to have overused the “settlement-capture” system in Fallout 4. It makes the game feel repetitive and we all know that repetitive is not good for any games.

Finally, the world of Fallout needs more enemies. Fallout 4 is very limited to fighting ghouls and it makes the Wasteland feel dull. Bethesda must be more creative for Fallout 5.