Fallout 5 Won’t Come Out Until 2025?

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The success of Fallout 4 has made it safe to assume that Bethesda is going to produce Fallout 5 in the future but when exactly can we expect the game to step into development?

If your prediction is any time before 2022, there is a very slim chance for that to come true and this is due to the period being too early. Think about it. Bethesda has got numerous plans for now until 2020 which means that they won’t be thinking about Fallout 5 until 2021.

Some examples include the development of Fallout 4 VR and Elder Scrolls 6. The former is currently in the works and Bethesda won’t have anything convincing to show until next year. Following that, Bethesda is expected to move on with the developments of Elder Scrolls 6.

You also have to keep in mind that Bethesda has also announced on a couple of new IPs and this could mean more delays to potential sequels for Fallout 4.

On average, Bethesda takes about 3-5 years to develop a massive AAA game and this would put Elder Scrolls 6’s at 2021 as the year where it will get released. As such, Fallout 5 won’t come any earlier than 2025 but we hope to be surprised.