Fallout 76 May Arrive Next Month!

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By now, most Fallout fan must have heard about Fallout 76. If not, you should know that Fallout 76 is the next major Fallout video game from Bethesda and it will be getting unveiled at E3 this weekend.

What bothered us here is the way Bethesda is promoting Fallout 76. Unlike previous Fallout games, Bethesda is rushing out the reveals for Fallout 76 – suggesting that they want the title to come out early.

If you are to check out Bethesda’s website, they started off with the release of a teaser last week before following it up with the ‘making video’ days later. Come tomorrow, an official trailer will surface online and all that is left for Bethesda to do is lay out the details at E3 the following day.

We don’t know about you but it sure feels like Fallout 76 is being planned for a summer release period instead of autumn. Now, our expectation has been strengthened by Amazon, which has listed Fallout 76 as a game that is coming out in July.

It is obvious that the indicated release period is nothing more than just a placeholder but Amazon never placed a date that is too far away from the official release date.

It will also make sense for Fallout 76 to arrive sooner rather than later as Bethesda has got a couple of AAA games waiting to get released in Q4 this year. What do you think?