Fallout New Vegas: Remastered Evidence Surfaces!

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If you’re a fan of Fallout, you should be aware that this year will mark Fallout 3’s tenth-anniversary and Bethesda has teased on a major celebration happening at E3 this week.

Aside from the upcoming sequel, Fallout 76, fans are expecting Fallout 3 to get a remastered version just like Skyrim Special Edition. Well, this is likely to happen if insider reports are to be believed but Fallout 3 Remastered isn’t the only Fallout game that is being worked on.

A leak has surfaced on Steam and it hints on Fallout New Vegas Remastered coming out later this year. If you are to check Steam’s database here, you will see that there is an anonymous DLC being planned for the near future and we can’t think of it as anything more than an engine upgrade that can allow Fallout New Vegas to play with current-gen technicalities.

There’s no other explanation for this and this is especially since Fallout New Vegas is unable to perform well on current PC OS, like Fallout 3. Furthermore, Fallout 3 has got a similar DLC listed with the same unknown tag being planned for the near future. All will be confirmed at E3.