Far Cry 5: Can DLC Solve Underwhelming Stealth Mode?

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It is official. In less than 24 hours from now, Ubisoft will be launching a brand-new DLC for Far Cry 5 and it is called Hours of Darkness.

The confirmation came through a teaser trailer for the DLC and it confirms on two things. The first is that the DLC will have strong relations to the Vietnam War. The second is that Hour of Darkness will focus extensively on stealth gameplay.

This is ironic because the stealthy aspect of Far Cry 5 has been a huge disappointment as Ubisoft extended the animation timings before reducing the number of possible stealth takedowns.

But of course, all can be fixed if Hours of Darkness can inject the missing pieces in Far Cry 5’s stealth mode. Ubisoft will be laying out the details on the DLC at their E3 presentation tomorrow and we can’t wait to learn more on the DLC.