Far Cry 5 Hopes Sent Flying Following Tease

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Earlier this week, Ubisoft’s Facebook page posted a contain content from Far Cry 3. To be more precise, the game developer uploaded a photo of the island location which Far Cry 3 is based on.

The sudden sharing of the picture above created a huge buzz that left many speculating on Far Cry 3 getting ported over to the Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One. But then again, we feel that the post is teasing on Far Cry 5.

The photo came with the caption “an island we never truly left.” The same post was uploaded on Ubisoft’s Instagram page and it shared a different statement. Ubisoft was quoted saying “does that remind of you something?”

Ubisoft could be asking the Far Cry fans on whether they can recall the events in Far Cry 3 in addition to pointing out that the adventures on the said island is not over. Hence, there is a slight chance for the cryptic message to be about Far Cry 5.

The latter may see the action-adventure returning to the island with a fresh new plot to offer. It is an outcome which many are hoping to be true and we can’t wait for Ubisoft to provide the necessary confirmation.