Far Cry 5: Medic Sends Realism On A Downward Trend!

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It has been 3 months since Far Cry 5 made its debut and those that have gotten the game early must’ve completed the main plot.

We personally have done that and it was then when we realized there is one major thing missing in Far Cry 5. It is the lack of realistic animations when compared to previous Far Cry titles.

To be more precise, applying medication when the character is injured offers a generic set of animations. This wasn’t the case back in, say, Far Cry 2 where there was plenty of different animations that takes into account of the injuries and environment.

As an example, when the character in Far Cry 2 broke a bone, he will put it back in place and you can see it through the animation. It gets more realistic when Ubisoft added a detailed sound of bones popping.

It may not sound like much but such small features play a huge role in handing a game a good simulation score.