Far Cry 5 Plans To Follow Red Dead Redemption 2

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It looks like the adventures in Far Cry is not over, especially after seeing Ubisoft dropping more teasers on their social network. The latest tease shows an island that was also the location of Far Cry 3. This got many thinking that Far Cry 3 is likely to get ported over to the Xbox One and PS4.

But then again, Ubisoft could be hinting on a completely new sequel. Insiders are now claiming that Far Cry 5 is in development and it will see a part of the game returning to that island. When it comes to the title’s main location, the insiders quoted Wild West.

While insider reports should be taken with a grain of salt, the above is likely to come true. This is because Ubisoft was once seen in Montana, interviewing the locals on their lifestyle. In addition to that, Ubisoft ran a survey in 2015 questioning the masses on their thoughts about Western stuffs.

As such, there is a huge chance for Far Cry 5 to put you under the hot desert sun as you take out the outlaws. The timing could not get any better because later this year, Rockstar will be launching Red Dead Redemption 2.

The sequel to Red Dead Redemption will also be a western-themed game hence we can’t wait to see which of the two is able to offer a more delightful cowboy experience.