FIFA 18: Don’t Be Fooled By Cheap MSRP!

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EA’s FIFA 19 is expected to make its debut by October this year and this is only a few months away from now. But despite knowing this, many gamers are still purchasing FIFA 18 right now as evident on May’s UK games sales chart. So, why is FIFA 18 still selling, especially with the fan backlash it got involved in?

For starters, FIFA 18 is about half the price of its original MSRP right now hence making it a cheap purchase regardless of platform. Then, there is the World Cup DLC that was given out for free by EA in a move to regain the trust of the gamers.

We are now in the World Cup season and the hype for the event is likely the reason many have gotten FIFA 18. Even so, we still don’t think the game is worth getting as the World Cup DLC offer no changes to the poor gameplay experience.

It is likely that EA is aware of it and their biggest chance to right all wrongs is with FIFA 19. The upcoming game is only a few months away from making its debut and if it is able to turn gold, you may end up regretting becoming a late FIFA 18 buyer.