FIFA 18: How To Get Free 4 Goals Per Game…

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FIFA 18 is turning from a game of pure gameplay skill into a title that greatly depends on cards. Our first day experience with FIFA 18 brought out a lot of positives from the game, although some aspects of the title feel like a lost cause.

When playing FIFA 18, we never realized that EA has gifted us four free goals. Even if we are good or bad at playing, four goals are a certainty and this gives us a head-start over our opponents. The gift takes away some challenges in FIFA 18 and it also left us dazed on how it could’ve have happened.

Well, the answer to this is actually with Inform Card. Supposedly you own an Inform Card with TOTW players, you will be granted four goals per match on every match. The funny bit here is that our IF Card is actually a goalkeeper – Lukas Fabianski.

It takes logic away seeing that Fabianski has been scoring 4 goals on every game and we are not sure whether to be happy about it or angry. If you are looking for exactly this, then you should start keeping your eyes peeled on IF Cards in FIFA 18.