FIFA 18: No Patch Delays For PC!

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Being a PC gamer can be a painful experience as game developers tend to offer little attention on the platform. The most common offense is with delayed sales and patches for games on the PC

It has been like this for so long already that most PC gamers are used to it. Games like GTA 5 took a long time to reach the PC and the updates offered tend to be late too.

The good news is that the latest EA Sports title, FIFA 18, has been punctual for the PC platform. The game debuted late last week, on the same day with its console counterparts.

What’s best about it is that EA had just released the first FIFA 18 patch and the update got rolled out across all platforms at the same time – including the PC.

The patch brings some fixes to certain bugs found in the game and you can check out the full patch notes here.