FIFA 19: if You Want It, You May Need FIFA 18!

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It is a disappointing period of time for every FIFA fan as the footballing series have not shown progress through the latest title – FIFA 18. The latter is more or less a FIFA 17 game but with a couple of extras and some refinements.

Come to think of it, FIFA 17 can have a similar description in comparison to FIFA 16. It is just safe to say that the FIFA series has been in a stale state since the 2012 and fans are crying for a change.

With EA being at the losing end of every battle with their fans last year, it now looks like change is coming but it will happen in FIFA 19. But if the reports are to be believed to, you won’t be able to enjoy FIFA 19 if you don’t purchase FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 may be the latest FIFA title but many have boycotted EA due to the game not being up to par with fans’ expectations. It resulted in a sharp sales dip for FIFA 18 thus convincing EA to make big changes to the game.

The reports further suggest that EA will sell a big update for FIFA 18 that will bring vast improvements before recognizing the game as FIFA 19 once the update is applied. In other words, FIFA 19’s contents will be built on FIFA 18 entirely.

Until a game engine change happens, this will be the trend which EA is tipped to adopt in regard to FIFA 19 and it will be interesting to see how this will pan out.