Final Fantasy XV Hints On Early PC Release For Kingdom Hearts 3

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is the next major video game to come from Square Enix and the title is strongly linked to make its debut in 2019. That is a year away from now and fans of the Kingdom Hearts Series cannot be happier for it.

But if you’re a fan on the PC, you are on the advantage because it now looks likely for Kingdom Hearts 3 to enjoy an earlier release on the platform.

According to a statement from Square Enix made earlier today, Final Fantasy XV has set-up the foundations of their PC developing program and this means that future games that are bound to debut on the PC can get released way ahead of time.

If this is to mean anything, Kingdom Hearts 3 is unlikely to suffer any delay on the PC and we may even witness the platform being the first destination for the highly-anticipated title. This is something which is rare to happen hence we would love for it to come true.