Final Fantasy XV Hints On Kingdom Hearts 3 PC Prowess

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Square Enix has said before that they will give Kingdom Hearts 3 their undivided attention for the game’s development once they are finished with Final Fantasy XV. Well, the latter has already made its debut and we can assume that Kingdom Hearts 3’s development is already in full throttle.

Today, we received a new clue on what to expect on Kingdom Hearts 3 and it came in the form of a statement from Square Enix. The game developer spoke in an interview earlier today and they revealed that developing Final Fantasy XV for the PC is a lot easier than the consoles due to the lack of restrictions.

Square Enix pointed out that Final Fantasy XV’s development took place on the PC platform just like every other production title hence it is best played on the said platform. If this is to mean anything, Kingdom Hearts 3 too will be best played on the PC rather than on the console.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is expected to make its official unveiling next year at a major gaming event and it will feature a number of new Disney worlds. We personally can’t wait to check out all things new on the game.