First Exclusive Look At Bully 2?

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Saying that Rockstar is currently developing Bully 2 may sound hard to believe since the game developer has not announced anything regarding a sequel to Bully but there is now proof of this happening.

Rockstar may have got their hands full with the development of Red Dead Redemption 2 but they may have taken a brief time penning down some ideas for Bully 2. This would then explain how a pre-production gallery for Bully 2 managed to surface online and we can’t think of any individual that has the skills and free time to create a hoax that looks legit.

Bully has always been a small-scale game with tons of fun to offer and Bully 2 may replicate that to fill in the void between Red Dead Redemption 2 and probably GTA 6. In other words, you can hope to see Bully 2 coming out about a year after Red Dead Redemption 2 gets released.

Just check out Bully2’s leaked gallery here if you require more convincing.