Forget JRPG, Persona 5 Is A Thieve’s Game!

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Be it sneaking or fake identities, Persona 5 has it all hence we can’t help but to see the game as a stealthy, thieves-themed title rather than your ordinary JRPG.

Unlike how it was in previous Persona titles, Persona 5 puts more focus and emphasis on the stealth genre. There is a huge diversity in the stealth elements hence our opinion on the title. Before we share some example on the elements in Persona 5, you should close this tab if you fear any form of spoilers from the game.

So, onto the elements found in Persona 5 that changed the way we view the game. Playing Persona 5 will let you experience espionage, calling cards, puzzles/traps, code names, enemy hold-ups with negotiations and other elements in the same wavelength.

If you are into these kinds of things, then Persona 5 is definitely the game for you. Either way, we are pleased with how Persona 5 shaped out to be and can’t wait to explore more in the game.