Forget NBA 2K18, God Of War Brought Game To The Ball Park!

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It is no secret that a brand new God of War video game is coming out this year and it will be debuting on the Sony PS4. The highly anticipated adventure games promises an experience like no other and it is even going overboard with its pre-release promotions.

Just yesterday, a new advert for God of War went on the air and it did so at a major NBA happening. A basketball match was being played and at half-time, God of War in the form of warp advertising took over the ball park in hope of hyping the crowd.

But like most live warp advertisement, only a small section of the live audience can actually see the beauty of the advert hence explaining why there were strong jeers towards the advert after it reached its end.

The good news is that God of War got the attention it deserves and it does so in ‘greater style’ than NBA 2K18. How about that for a change, eh?