Forget Vault 76, Fallout New Cali Deserves Your Attention More!

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Bethesda may have confirmed on the development of Fallout 76 but we don’t think that this is the game which you want to jump straight into playing from day 1.

Past Fallout games have shown that there is a risk of encountering major bugs in early days of playing a newly purchased game hence you should wait a little while before getting Fallout 76. Then there are the insiders that claims Fallout 76 to be an online-only MMO world for Fallout fans.

Either way, we don’t think you should rush into getting Fallout 76 until you are certain that it is the game you want and this applies to true Fallout fans as well.

With that being said, you should look towards Fallout New California instead but this is only applicable if you’re on the PC platform. This is due to the fact that Fallout New California is a mod-world that is being made as an expansion to Fallout New Vegas.

The project was previously called Project Brazil and it has made countless progress in the past year of development. As for when it will be ready to make its debut, the developers quoted earlier today that they are targeting October 23, this year.