Fortnite Battle Royale Not Quitting After String Of Unfortunate Events!

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‘Battle Royale’ video games are the new trend in the gaming industry and there are two major titles that are offering the best experience around – Playerunknown’s Battleground and Fornite Battle Royale.

The latter is slightly more popular than the former but a string of negative happenings have led to a significant dip in the number of active players.

It all started a month ago when a server issue has left a large number of players being unable to login into Battle Royale with their Epic Games account. The same thing happened last week when another server issue left Battle Royale in a state of inactive.

The inability to play Fortnite Battle Royale has left many switching to PUBG and the worst part about it is with the rumours claiming that the game is going to get axed permanently.

Well, Epic Games have fixed the problems earlier today and they are ridiculed by the claims which the rumours have been making. Epic Games will need to ensure smooth gameplay experience or risk losing a large chunk of players.