GTA 5: Massive Decline Is Every Developer’s Dream!

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This year will mark 5 years since Rockstar launched GTA 5 and the record books are now saying that the developer has sold about 90 million units of the game at the end of 2017.

It’s definitely a huge sales record for GTA 5 in the entire gaming industry although the pace of sales have slowed down massively in the last couple of years.

Despite the inevitable decline in annual sales for GTA 5, the game is still able to achieve impressive numbers – something which rival game developers are envious about.

If you are to scope into GTA 5’s sales, 2017 saw Rockstar moving 15 million copies and this is still more copies sold than some AAA titles launched last year.

With GTA 5 stamping on the sales competition, Rockstar is likely to hasten the development of GTA 6 as they wouldn’t want the profit-streak to end.