GTA 5: Mount Chilliad Jetpack Confirmed A Hoax?

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It has been more than 3 years since Rockstar released GTA 5 and the open-world title is still one of the most played games today. This cannot be helped as the majority of the players are still keen on solving the Easter eggs in the title.

While most of them have been uncovered, one continues to be a mystery and that is with the jetpack hidden in Mount Chilliad. Some players have gone to the edge of the game and are still unable to find jetpacks in GTA 5. It gets more shocking when a PC player crack every software code there is and are unable to find any jetpack related content in GTA 5’s data.

The way we see it, there are two possibilities. The first, while unlikely, is Rockstar hiding the jetpack in a manner that even codes can’t uncover them and the second is that the jetpack doesn’t exist. Despite having the jetpack painting on Mount Chilliad, the fact that the feature is not found yet suggests Rockstar is just trolling with the players.

Well, with GTA 5 aging fast, it is perhaps time for Rockstar to spill every bean regarding GTA 5 and solve every unanswered question. What do you think?