GTA 5 Online: Evacuating The Sinking Ship!

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‘It’s a sinking ship’. This is probably the best words to describe the state of Grand Theft Auto 5’s online multiplayer mode, or better known as GTA 5 Online.

Last year witnessed a gradual decline in the number of players on GTA 5 Online and those that remained tend to stick to main game mode. As a result, the vast number of other modes in GTA 5 Online gets left abandoned with no participation from the gamers.

The experience is also quoted to be on a decline as there is no real balance in GTA 5 Online. At this rate, it won’t be long before GTA 5 Online hits rock bottom and we can only hope that Rockstar will be prepared with GTA 6 by then.

More importantly, it will be interesting to see how Rockstar behave towards the shrinking GTA 5 Online community. Will they finally give in to the gamers and fix everything that is wrong in the online mode?

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