GTA 5 Online: ‘Screw It, I’m Out’

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The phrase in the title above is the most uttered set of words in the world of Grand Theft Auto and it is because of GTA 5 Online – which is becoming less fun to play with every passing day.

Many players are already frustrated with the heavy grinding needed to progress in GTA 5 Online and things got a lot worse when Rockstar introduced Shark cards in the game.

In case you don’t know what that is, Shark Cards grant players the ability to use real money to upgrade their character in GTA 5 Online. This means that those with more money to spend in real life can get a fun-filled experience in GTA 5 Online.

As for those that are forced to grind to get an awesome experience in GTA 5 Online, they have decided to call it quit and has left the game for good.

A statistic data proved that Shark Cards are the cause of it as the number of active players on GTA 5 Online declined heavily following its introduction.

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