GTA 5: UK Says It’s Fair Time For GTA 6

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E3 is right around the corner and there’s no better time for Rockstar to make GTA 6 official than at the upcoming event. The timing would be perfect as it would see GTA 6’s announcement happening 5 years after GTA 5 got released and this will give Rockstar a couple of years to work on the game.

The biggest call for GTA 6 surfaced earlier today via the UK monthly game sales chart. Prior to today, we have been looking at the chart on the weekly figures. Upon seeing the sales chart for May, we came to realize that it is the first time in about 60 months where GTA 5 has failed to make it into the top 10.

This is really huge and it pretty much screams for a successor to get developed. Of course, Rockstar can still move more copies of GTA 5 by discounting the game’s MSRP (something that has never happened before) but we don’t think the impact will be huge.

By now, the majority of gamers must have played GTA 5 and those that never got a copy of the game are probably not of fan of GTA. Only a fraction of them are likely to wait for a discount to happen. Come on Rockstar, GTA 6 announcement can set the fireworks at E3.