GTA 5’s Grand Theft Space: More Promising Than No Man’s Sky!

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No Man’s Sky has failed to live up to the expectations of the masses and this has taken a huge toll in the number of players actively playing the game. Despite Hello Games claiming No Man’s Sky to be the ultimate sci-fi title, the gameplay experience has never managed to appeal to the masses.

Well, perhaps someone should tell Hello Games to do drop their egos and admit that No Man’s Sky is a failure. To further prove this point, a video of a mod coming to GTA 5 has surfaced online and it highlights on a massive sci-fi treat coming to the game.

The mod is called Grand Theft Space and it is aiming to offer 4 missions that revolve around a nice plot and a lot of exploration. Those that have viewed Grand Theft Space trailer are in excitement for the mod and they can’t wait to play it. We feel the same way and the mod makes No Man’s Sky all the more embarrassing.