GTA 6: E3 2018 Is Just Hoping For Too Much

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E3 is commonly described by many as the biggest annual gaming event around and this is owed to the fact that most AAA games in the market got announced at an E3 happening. Furthermore, it is always extra exciting on E3 as the event tends to get a surprise announcement of a major gaming title.

With that being said, many have been scouring the internet for clues as to what sort of surprise is in-store at this year’s E3. We did the same and that was when we found the rumours linking GTA 6 to get announced at the event.

The word is that Rockstar will be stealing the spotlight by officialising GTA 6’s development, right after they wrap-up Red Dead Redemption 2’s reveal. The announcement will start the countdown to GTA 6’s release – something which market watchers are expecting to fall on 2020.

As exciting as it sounds, the above is based on rumours and they should be taken with loads of salt. The best way to find out if GTA 6 will make a surprise entry at E3 is through tuning into the event.