GTA 6 May Take Away Red Dead’s Limelight At E3!

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It’s highly unlikely for Rockstar to unveil GTA 6 at E3 this weekend and this is especially when the developer is entirely focussed on Red Dead Redemption 2. But on the other hand, Rockstar can still announce on GTA 6 without having anything to show at the major gaming event.

This is something which several insiders are tipping to happen and their expectation are backed up by some strong research. One report revealed that GTA 5 was worked on almost immediately after GTA 4 got released and it is safe to assume the same for GTA 6. Rockstar even made such a reveal back in 2014 when they shared that they have compiled 20 years’ worth of ideas for GTA 6.

Furthermore, GTA 5 was launched about 5 years ago hence making the current period ideal for GTA 6 to get announced. Rockstar can simply say that GTA 6 is in its mid-stages of development at E3 this year which will give them about 2 years to finish the product.

Last but not least is with finances. There is no questioning the gold rush that comes with the GTA Series and Rockstar wouldn’t want to delay any potential massive profits. Announcing GTA 6 early-on will offer Rockstar free marketing for the game through fan discussions and strong search for clues.

So, will E3 2018 host the official announcement for GTA 6?