GTA 6 Not Ruling Out 2018 Announcement Just Yet

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Ever since Rockstar launched GTA 5 back in 2013, the developer never brought out a new title and this is due to the overwhelming success which the latest Grand Theft Auto instalment has achieved.

The sales success of GTA 5 pushed Rockstar’s finances to a whole new level and this is enough to push the developer into confirming GTA 6’s inevitable development. However, Rockstar has yet to indicate on when GTA 6 will get announced on or released.

Seeing that Rockstar has now moved away from GTA 5 to Red Dead Redemption 2, many are expecting GTA 6’s announcement to happen no earlier than 2019. But then again, some reports are claiming that GTA 6 will be getting announced in Q4 this year, right after Read Dead 2’s debut.

The word is that Rockstar has already prepared the foundation for GTA 6’s development in the last 4 years and all that is left for them is to execute production. Hence, it won’t be impossible for GTA 6 to get announced this year.

This claim is further strengthened by the prospects of Red Dead Redemption 2. The Red Dead Series is not as big as GTA hence Rockstar is unlikely to assume on another record-breaking profit-spree with Red Dead Redemption 2 to fuel the years ahead.

In a bid to prepare for the worse, Rockstar has probably started developing GTA 6 and things will go in full motion once Red Dead Redemption 2 gets released. Will the announcement happen this year?