GTA 6 Will Be Fine-Tuned For Microsoft Xbox One X, Here’s Why

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GTA 5 has shattered every sales record on the gaming industry and Rockstar is hoping for more of the same with the future sequel, GTA 6. The game is already confirmed to be in development but it is not expected to get released until 2020.

This is about the same time Sony is expected to launch the PS5 but it doesn’t mean that GTA 6 will get fine-tuned for the next-gen console. If GTA 5’s debut is to tell us anything about GTA 6, the future sequel will debut on the current-gen console instead of the next-gen system.

That way, Rockstar can enjoy a wider market reach with GTA 6 thus allowing them to bag more profits. With the Xbox One X confirmed to be the best console in this generation, it is perhaps safe to assume that GTA 6 will be fine-tuned for the system from Microsoft. It will be just like how GTA 5 is best played on the PS3 during its early days in the market.

But of course, this is just our expectations based on the release pattern of the GTA Series. We still have no clue on when exactly GTA 6 will get released but we can start looking forward to hearing more about it in the near future.