GTA 6: Will Set Benchmark On Project Scorpio, Not PS5

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GTA 6 is currently in development and it is highly likely to become the biggest game ever produced by Rockstar. This is expected of GTA 6, especially after experiencing a thoroughly pleasing experience with GTA 5.

The latter has been out for about 4 years already and it is still one of the most actively played titles around right now. Because of this, GTA 6 has been pushed back to a late release date. Rockstar has not given any projection on when GTA 6 will arrive but that did not stop the masses from speculating 2020.

2020 is about three years from now and the year is also expected to see Sony launching the PS5 – based on the console release pattern. Even so, Rockstar is unlikely to tailor GTA 6 for the PS5 and they will instead use Microsoft’s Project Scorpio.

This is the likeliest of all outcomes and the prediction is based on Rockstar’s behavior when releasing GTA 5. Rockstar could have launched GTA 5 on the Xbox One and PS4 since the game is produced in the same year as the consoles’ debut but the game developer chose to older-gen consoles.