GTA 6’s Graphics Will Be Based On Microsoft Project Scorpio, Here’s Why

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Project Scorpio is the next big thing to come from Microsoft and it looks set to become the world’s most powerful gaming platform when released. After facing a lot of criticism with the Xbox One, Microsoft has decided to go all out with Project Scorpio’s technicalities.

As such, many have begun speculating that Rockstar’s GTA 6 will be tailored for Project Scorpio. While Rockstar has yet to mention anything, the way they managed GTA 5’s launching makes it look likely for GTA 6 to perform best on Project Scorpio.

GTA 5 was launched 4 years ago, months before the arrival of the Xbox One and the Sony PS4. Rockstar decided not to wait as doing so will grant them greater sales potential.

GTA 6 is expected to arrive in 2020, around the same time Sony will bring out the PS5 and we can expect Rockstar to push the game out earlier like how it was with GTA 5. Keeping in mind that Project Scorpio is bound to be the best gaming console in the market at that time, GTA 6 will surely get optimized for the system.

But of course, the above is still based on predictions and speculations. There is no certainty to what the outcome will be like and it will have to wait until 2020.