Half Life 3: Can We Put HL2 Episode 3 Behind Us Already?

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The last Half Life game released was Half Life 2 Episode 2 and it happened about 13 years ago. Since then, the fans of the Half Life series have been begging for a sequel and we may see it happen soon.

After years of trying to get Valve to offer some bits on the development of the Half Life series, one of the title’s developers shared on Twitter on the plot that was intended to use on the sequel to HL2 Episode 2.

The plot is available online and those that have read it will agree with us when we say that it ended in a cliff hanger. We also believe that the plot is not for Half Life 3 hence its release online could mean that the Valve can finally move on straight to developing the third major sequel for the series.

But of course, like every Half Life-related discussions, there is no certainty of this at all but that won’t stop us from hoping that the above is true. Come on Valve, bring out Half Life 3 already.