Half Life 3 Hype Restored After Valve Pledges New Developments

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How long has it been since Valve launched a proper AAA game? We personally can’t recall as we have lost track of time with the endless wait on Half Life 3.

But more importantly, Valve’s lack of activity in the game production scene is blamed on the managing of Steam. Now that Steam can run autonomously with little car, it is not surprising to see Valve coming out to announce that they will start shipping games again.

This means that the development teams within Valve must have been handed gaming projects for the near future an while details are not out yet, there is potential for Half Life 3 to be part of it.

Of course, history have shown that hoping for too much from Valve will put you at the losing end of things hence you should take the above with loads of salt – even when the words came directly from Valve.